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2023 Energy Data Summit

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Date: 8th December, 2023
Time: 9:00-17:00
Location: HG, ETH Zurich.
Rämistrasse 101, 8006 Zürich


  1. Learning from diverse experiences:
    • Gain insights from various stakeholders’ experiences
    • Understand success stories and challenges
  2. Identify challenges and joint solutions:
    • Identify common challenges in energy data
    • Identify specific actions for collective progress (what?, who?)
  3. Establishing a collaborative platform:
    • Foster knowledge exchange and networking
    • Engage experts from research, industry, government, and interest groups


8:40 Welcome, Adriana Marcucci, ETH Zürich and Matthias Eifert, HSLU
8:50 Energiedaten als Treiber der Innovation im Energiesektor, Matthias Galus, SFOE
9:10 Why is reliable energy data so important for research? , Philipp Schütz, HSLU
9:20 Energie- und Klimadatenplattform des Kantons Bern, Nicolas Lanz, Canton Bern
9:30 Digitalisierung bei EVU. Umsetzung der Digitalisierungsstrategie, Arne Kähler, EW Höfe AG
9:40 Solarify Digital Energy Hub, Raimund Neubauer, Solarify AG
9:50 Swiss Energy Charts, Thomas Nordmann, TNC Consulting AG
14:30-16:00 Workshops
Topic 1: Data Standards, Florin Hasler,
Topic 2: Regulation
, Cornelia Kawann, ElCom
Topic 3: Sensitive Data, legal issues and security
, Ursula Sury, HSLU
Topic 4: One single national platform
, Lucas Tochtermann, SFOE

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