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CROSS+ Tasks

1.  CROSSDat

Provide an open energy research data platform for sharing model inputs and research outputs
Contact: Adriana Marcucci, ESC, ETH Zürich

2. CROSS Catalog

Provide a catalog with the description of energy research approaches from relevant disciplines
Contact: Adriana Marcucci, ESC, ETH Zürich

3. CROSS Scenarios

Provide a platform for open and accessible scenario documentation for the energy research community
Contact: Adriana Marcucci, ESC, ETH Zürich

4. CROSS model runs

Coordination of model runs
Contact: Adriana Marcucci, ESC, ETH Zürich

5. CROSS Results

Provide a platform for discussing and comparing findings from CoSi scenario analyses
Contact: Adriana Marcucci, ESC, ETH Zürich

6. CoSi Assumptions

Define input assumptions (uncertainty ranges) for energy models taking into account insights from SSHs and stakeholders, to ensure that simulation results can be compared in a meaningful manner
Contact: Neha Dimri and Kanchan Bohara, SPF, OST Rapperswil

7. CoSi Survey (SHEDS)

Collect household data relevant for co-evolution research extending the Swiss Household Energy Demand Survey (SHEDS)
Contact: Mehdi Farsi, Sylvain Weber and Valentine Grutta, IRENE, U. Neuchatel

8. CoSi Monitor

Monitors relevant developments for the energy transition, i.e., indicators of energy use and CO2 emissions, of consumer behavior, and of selected social and institutional developments
Contact: Regina Betz, CEE, ZHAW and Martin Patel,  Energy Efficiency, UNIGE

9. CoSi Common Data Format

Develop a common data format for the exchange of CROSS scenario data between energy system modelers
Contact: Turhan Demiray, FEN, ETH Zürich