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Group Model Spatial coverage Spatial resolution Temporal coverage Temporal resolution Sectoral coverage Sweet
Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Energy Technology (Barahona Garzon), HSLUSwitzerlandCantonalPresent time12 HzIndustrialDeCarbCH
Basler & Hofmann AGSwitzerlandRegional2030, 2040, 2050Residential and IndustrialEDGE
Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Energy Technology (Berger), HSLUSwitzerlandGISSingle year (for multiple years possible)HourlyResidentialDeCarbCH
IES Institute for Energy Systems (Bertsch), OSTDeCarbCH
TEP Energie GmbHBSMGIS basedUp to single building level, but generally aggregated on cantonal or Swiss level for different building sectors, branches and typologies2020 - 2060 in annual stepsfrom 288 timeslices to 8760 hours depending on the applianceResidential sector, Tertiary and AgricultureSURE
Waldressourcen und Waldmanagement (Burg), WSLSwitzerland (with a focus on midlands)MunicipalitySingle year 2050MonthlyEDGE
Energy and Industry (S. Pfenninger), TU DelftCalliope and Euro-CalliopeAll European countriesThe basic configurations are entire countries or 98 sub-country nodes (but other choices are possible)2007-2016Hourly, with the ability to run at reduced resolution to reduce the computational effortelectricity, household and commercial heat, passenger and freight transportPATHFNDR
Institute of Energy and Electric System (Capezzali), HEIG-VDTerritorialBuildingToday-2060Hourly and yearlyResidential and industrialDeCarbCH
Urban Energy Systems (K. Orehounig), EMPACESAR-PSwitzerlandBuilding level is the highest resolutionSingle year (for multiple years possible)HourlyResidential, Commercial and Industrial. PATHFNDR
CremCantonalCitySingle year 2050HourlyallDeCarbCH
Thermo-Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, SUPSIDynLotusSwitzerlandCantonal, Single building levelSingle year 2050HourlyResidential, Industrial, CommercialDeCarbCH
Institute of Sustainable Development (Eberle), ZHAWSwitzerland (Zurich and other cities)City2025-2040YearlyResidential and IndustrialDeCarbCH
Urban Energy Systems (A. Bollinger), EMPAE-hub toolUnlimitedBuilding to district/city (single hub or multi-hub)Single year (for multiple years possible)Hourly (full-horizon / typical days)Electricity, heating, cooling, gas, H2DeCarbCH
Euler Group (B. Thelen), Università della Svizzera ItalianaSURE
Euler Group (B. Thelen), Università della Svizzera ItalianaSwitzerlandNational, cantonal, regionalFrom 2000 to 2021, 2035, 2050MonthlyResidential, Industrial, transportationSURE
Euler Group (D. Baroli), Università della Svizzera ItalianaSwitzerland, EuropeCantonal, municipalities2020, 2035, 2040, 2050Semester, YearsResidential and IndustrialSURE
Renewable Energy Systems (E. Trutnevyte), U. GenevaEXPANSEEither Switzerland or 36 European countries (EU + Schengen + Balkans)Swiss version: Municipality, NUTS. European version: NUTS3Swiss version: Today-2050, European version: Single year, 2035HourlyResidential, services, industrial, transportation, energy supply (electricity and fuels)EDGE
Urban Energy Systems (M. Fiorentini), EMPADistrictBuilding/component levelSingle year (for multiple years possible) or single dayHourly, minuteResidential and CommercialPATHFNDR
SUPSIFlexiTICantonalCantonal2015-2050annualResidential and IndustrialSURE
TEP Energie GmbH and Fraunhofer ISIFORECASTEuropean countries and SwitzerlandNational or sub-regional resolution depending on the case study.2020-2050HourlyResidential, Industry, Services, Agriculture and TransportSURE
E3ModellingGEM-E3-FITThe model covers 47 Countries/RegionsFor each EU27 member state and Switzerland a separate regional satellite module is used for NUTS2 (7 regions for Switzerland)2015-2100In time periods of 5 years, with an option for yearly time steps until 2030All economic sectors, e.g., households, banks, firms, Government, RoW, etc.SURE
Energy Efficiency (Martin Patel), U.GenevaGRIMSELSwitzerland, Germany, Italy, France and AustriaConsumer types and urban settings for Switzerland and National for neighbouring countries2015-2050 with 5 years stepsHourlyResidential (Single-Family House, Multi-Family House), Tertiary sector, Industrial Sector
Earth Science Department (Guglielmetti), U. GenevaDeCarbCH
Institute for Solar Technology (Haeberle), OSTDeCarbCH
Thermal energy systems, OSTModel for heat pump in EES or pythonProcess and home or buildingSingle year (for multiple years possible)MinutesIndustrial, householdsDeCarbCH
HEIG-VD (Krummenacher)SwitzerlandIndustrial siteTodayDeCarbCH
Institute for Economy and the Environment (Kubli), U. St. GallenEDGE
Electrochemistry Laboratory (Büchi), Paul Scherrer InstituteSwitzerlandArchetypes: caverns, fuel cells and electrolyzersToday-2050Days - Weeks (caverns), seconds -minutes (fuel cells and electrolyzer)PATHFNDR
Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Energy Technology (Linder), HSLUSwitzerlandSpecific siteshistoric data and close futureHourly, minuteIndustrialDeCarbCH
Methanation and Industrial Power-to-X (T. Schildhauer), Paul Scherrer InstituteBFB methanation incl. UpgradingEDGE
Energy Science Center, ETH ZurichNexus-eCountries either represented in full detail (i.e., Switzerland), aggregated (i.e., neighbouring countries) or as fixed electricity flows (i.e., all other European countries)National, cantonal, nodal, municipalUnlimited, including path dependencyHourlyElectricity systems in full detail on transmission levelEDGE
Laboratory of Cryospheric Sciences (M. Lehning), EPFLOREESSwitzerland50 meters2009-2020HourlyEDGE
Climate Policy (Patt), ETH ZurichPATHFNDR
Institute of Applied Sustainability to the Built Environment, SUPSIPILEDHCSwitzerlandSingle building, district, cantonalYearly, Monthly, HourlyResidential, administrative, industry, commercialDeCarbCH
Thermal Energy Systems and Process Engineering (B. Willig), Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and ArtPinCHDeCarbCH
Institute for Solar Technology, OSTPolysun simulationSwitzerlandCantonalAvarage year 2016-TodayYearly, monthly, weeklyResidential, IndustrialDeCarbCH
ReMaP (ETH Zurich, EMPA and PSI)ReMaPDistribution Grid area of physical field-study (tbc)PATHFNDR
Thermal Energy Storage, HSLURetrosimIndividual communities, cities and small regionsBuildingToday-2050Depends on energy carrierResidentialDeCarbCH
Erneuerbare Energien (Rohrer), ZHAWEDGE
Reliability and Risk Engineering (Sansavini), ETH ZurichPATHFNDR
Waldressourcen und Waldmanagement (Schweier), WSLnot defined yetnot defined yetnot defined yetnot defined yetnot defined yetEDGE
Energy and Process Systems Engineering (Bardow), ETH ZurichSecMODFlexible from sites to countries (currently Switzerland and Germany)CantonalToday-2050HourlyElectricity, building and industrial heat, private transportation, CCU, CCSPATHFNDR
Energy Science Center, ETH ZurichSES-ETHSwitzerlandNationalSingle year (for multiple years possible)HourlyResidential, industrial, commercial, transport, energy supply (electricity, heat and fuels) DeCarbCH
Comparative Politics (Stadelmann), U. BernSwitzerlandIndividuals / HouseholdsPresent timeEDGE
Climate Finance and Policy Group (Steffen), ETH ZurichSwitzerlandCantonal1970-todayYearly (if possible)Policies: Electricity generation (focus renewables), potentially efficiency policies in the building sectorEDGE
Energy Economics Group (Tom Kober), Paul Scherrer InstiuteSTEMSwitzerlandNUTS-1 (country level)2020, 2030, 2040,and 2050288 timeslices in each periodFull representation of the Swiss energy system: Electricity and heat supply, Industry, Construction, Residential, Services, Agriculture, Private transport, Public transport, Freight transportSURE
SUNWELL SarlSUNWELLSwitzerlandVariable and dependent on the spatial resolution of the digital elevation model employed for the project2010-2020HourlyEDGE
Research Center for Energy Networks (FEN), ETHZSURE-GRIDSwitzerland and European countriesDepending on the application this can be countries (national assessments), cantons (regional studies) or communities (in SURE case studies).Snapshot model, base year is 2020The intra-annual resolution is always hourly or sub-hourlyElectricity and gas supplySURE
Sustainable Energy Systems (Ulli-Beer), ZHAWSystem dynamics modelsDistrictsIndustrial site10-30 yearsYearlyTypical industries (e.g. food)DeCarbCH
Technology Assessment Group (P. Burgherr), Paul Scherrer InstiuteSwitzerlandCase studiesToday-2050YearlyAllSURE
Energy Group, U. GenevaTRNSYSGeneva300 substations of the main DH network10 years10 min time stepResidentialDeCarbCH
Urban Energy Systems (R. Weber), EMPATRNSYS18SwitzerlandBuildingHourlyResidentialDeCarbCH
Zentrum für Öffentliches Wirtschaftsrecht (ZOW), (ZHAW)SURE
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