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CROSS / CROSSDat / Net transfer capacities

Net transfer capacities

Package version
DescriptionElectricity border transmission net transfer capacities for future years according to ENTSO-E TYNDP in MW per border and flow direction.
Last changesNot documented
Geographical scopeSwitzerland
Geographical resolutionBorders
Temporal scope and resolution2020-2050 (10 years resolution)
DownloadData package (zip) kB)

Individual data files
net_transfer_capacities.csv (1 kB)
Data licensesCreative Commons Attribution 4.0
ContactAdriana Marcucci
SourcesENTSO-E (2022), TYNDP 2022 Scenario Report: Main Report, 2022
ENTSO-E (2022), European Resource Adequacy Assessment, 2022
Cite asMarcucci, A.(2022). Net transfer capacities. CROSS.

Field documentation
Net transfer capacities (net transfer capacities.csv)
Field NameType (Format)Description
tyndp_scenariostringTYNDP Scenario
fromstringFlow orgigination country
tostringFlow traget country
2020_MWnumberNet transfer capacity in 2020 in MW
2030_MWnumberNet transfer capacity in 2030 in MW
2040_MWnumberNet transfer capacity in 2040 in MW
2050_MWnumberNet transfer capacity in 2050 in MW