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CROSS / CROSSDat / Net transfer capacities

Net transfer capacities

Package version
DescriptionElectricity border transmission net transfer capacities for future years according to ENTSO-E TYNDP in MW per border and flow direction.
Last changesNot documented
Geographical scopeSwitzerland
Geographical resolutionBorders
Temporal scope and resolution2020-2050 (10 years resolution)
DownloadData package (zip) kB)

Individual data files
net_transfer_capacities.csv (1 kB)
SourcesENTSO-E (2022), TYNDP 2022 Scenario Report: Main Report, 2022
ENTSO-E (2022), European Resource Adequacy Assessment, 2022
Data licensesCreative Commons Attribution 4.0
ContactAdriana Marcucci
Cite asMarcucci, A.(2022). Net transfer capacities. CROSS.

Field documentation
Net transfer capacities (net transfer capacities.csv)
Field NameType (Format)Description
tyndp_scenariostringTYNDP Scenario
fromstringFlow orgigination country
tostringFlow traget country
2020_MWnumberNet transfer capacity in 2020 in MW
2030_MWnumberNet transfer capacity in 2030 in MW
2040_MWnumberNet transfer capacity in 2040 in MW
2050_MWnumberNet transfer capacity in 2050 in MW